Knowlan Family Farm Beef Family Packs

Family Packs of Scottish Highland/Red Angus beef will be available soon. The assorted packs of ground beef, roasts, steaks and other cuts will weigh approximately 20 pounds and be available by November 24th, 2018 at $6.99 per pound.  These cattle were grass fed and finished at Knowlan Family Farm, and have never received hormones or antibiotics in their feed. The meat will be USDA inspected, “dry” aged in a cooler, vacuum packed, and frozen. All orders must be picked up at the farm store on scheduled pick-up dates (to be provided) unless other arrangements are made.

Family packs can be reserved with a $35 deposit by going to our product store (linked below), or by filling out an order form and bringing it to the farm store. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date the deposits are received. If we receive more deposits than the available packs, the deposits will be refunded or you can apply the deposits to additional cattle that will be processed in 2019.    



KFF Beef Order Flyer 2018.jpg

Order Form

If you'd rather pay in person, you may fill out the order form on the flyer and bring it to the Knowlan Family Farm store. To pay online, click the "Make a Deposit" button above.