beef-quarters & sides

Knowlan Family Farm Grass Fed and Grass Finished Beef

We are currently processing three Scottish Highland or Red Angus / Scottish Highland cross steers at a USDA inspected processing facility.  The meat will be vacuumed packed, frozen, and available to pick up at our farm store by August 15, 2019

The beef will be sold by the quarter or side at a finished price of $6.50 per pound.

A quarter of beef will weigh approximately 90 pounds and a side of beef will weigh approximately 180 pounds.

For comparison, $6.50 per pound for the finished product would be equivalent to approximately $3.15 per pound hanging weight plus processing fees.

Knowlan Family Farm’s cattle are raised and finished on grass with no antibiotic and no hormones.

Quarters or Sides can be reserved with a $75 deposit online at our product store (linked below) or in person at the farm store.